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February 2020

Erin Hoggins Presentation


29th July 2020

PM Scott Jamieson,PM Kevin Dalgetty,PM Peter Stanton delivered food and necessities to the Brechin community pantry to help them continue  to supply provisions to households during the covid 19 pandemic


July 2020

Presentation by Almoner Bro A Webster of afternoon tea to the staff and residents of the Gabbles residential home forfar. 


16th July 2020

St Ninians Lodge 66,St James No 123 & the brethern of Provincial Grand Lodge of Forfarshire a cheque for £1000 was presented ro Martin Dayman(Treasurer) of the Brechin Community Pantry 


RWM Brian Stewart,PM Kevin Dalgetty,Bro Alec Webster (Lodge St Ninians Lodge 66)and little helper Savannah Webster,PM Neil Robertson(Lodge 123) about to embark on there journey to deliver Burns Suppers on behalf of there various Lodges. All meals were thankfully received.

Thank you to PM Graham Letford for this initiative and getting the Province moving

*Social distancing rules applied*


21/12/2021:-The R.W.M Brian Stewart,PM Kevin Dalgetty,Almoner Alec Webster and Chaplain Robert Macleod have been out dropping off parcels and christmas teas from Alan Renilson, prepared by Jordon Macintosh(Stables Lounge,Brechin) .
Which were gratefully received by all
*Social distancing rules applied*

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